What We're About

Mission Statement

At Smash it our mission is to provide the Wasatch Front with a fun and exciting way to get rid of all those bad emotions. Things like stress, anxiety, anger, heartbreak, grief, and depression. We provide a safe and controlled environment for you to come smash your stress away in the rage room, also knows as a smash room.

What is a Smash/Rage Room?

A Smash Room is a place where you are able to smash and destroy things in a safe and controlled place. You grab a tote, fill it up with all the breakables you want, we weigh it, add it to your tab, then you head into the room, pick your tool of destruction and smash the heck out of all the stuff you chose. You smash it, and we clean it up. It doesn't get better than that! 

Rules to the Rooms

  1. The Smash it waiver MUST be signed before smashing.
  2. No expectant mothers, persons with major injuries, bad health, or intoxicated are permitted in the rage room.
  3. Smasher must be wearing all safety gear. Safety gear is not optional in the smash room.
  4. Smasher must follow the instructions at all times.
  5. No swinging or throwing things at the ceiling, floor, or door. Only throw things at the rage room throw wall.
  6. Only smash it with provided tools of destruction.
  7. Use good judgement and be aware of your surroundings while in the rage room.
  8. All smashing is monitored and viewed through the clear window and through video cameras by Smash it employees.
  9. Must listen to employee instructions at all times.
  10. All items being smashed must stay in the smash room.